New field for Webhooks

Effective from: June 22, 2021

We’ve publicly documented the change_source field for Webhooks. This field allows you to see where the webhook has been triggered from.

Only the following 2 values are possible for this field:

  • app - the webhook is triggered from the Pipedrive web app
  • api - the webhook is triggered through the API

See other changes announced in our Changelog!

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Good news! I was waiting for this from long time.
I’m already using this new field to update some information on my storage only when the webhook is triggered from Pipedrive web app. but i now have a problem when i use the merge functionality.

I’ve merged 2 contacts person, each one of these as a different open deal.
After i merge the 2 contacts, the deal of the contact been deleted will be correctly update and change the person to the preserve contact of the merge.

The problem in relation with the webhook is that the field change_source is equal to api.
since the merge is been invoked from Pipedrive web app, the field change_source should not be equal to app?