New field lead_default_visibility in the Roles API

Effective from: June 3, 2021

Users already had control over the default visibility for other entities (Organizations, People, Deals and Products). Now, the Users can also define the default visibility for their leads .

What has been added to the Roles API?

In order for our Users to be able to define the default visibility for their leads also via the API, we have extended the responses of three Roles’ endpoints.

The possible values for the lead_default_visibility field depend on the plan the company using the Roles API is on:

Essential / Advanced plan:

  • 1 (Owner & followers)
  • 3 (Entire company)

Professional / Enterprise plan:

  • 1 (Owner & followers)
  • 3 (Owners visibility group)
  • 5 (Owners visibility group and below)
  • 7 (Entire company)

Affected endpoints:

See more info in our Changelog announcement!