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Hi all together!
We are completly new on pipedrive and want to integrate external infos to our deal/contact/organization with PHP/Iframe or something like this that we can see that infos in an own field like here:

How is it called on pipedrive, is it an “app”? We only want to use it for our company because the infos are not for public. Via API we still get infos out, now is the question how we can display external infos that will dynamical load via ID on the current elements (deal/contact/organization). Thanks for maybe noob beginner question :see_no_evil::pray:


Hi! Indeed, you would need to create an app with a JSON Panel or a Custom panel (iframe).

Please check out our “Getting started” documentation and more specifics about JSON panels and Custom panels.

There are also tutorials with code examples available.

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Thank you siim for your answer!
We will check and come back to you if we have additional questions! :slight_smile: