New parameters added to /activities POST and PUT endpoints

Effective from April 15, 2020

We have added the following four new parameters to POST /activities and PUT /activities/{id} endpoints:

  • location
  • public_description
  • busy_flag
  • attendees

Find more detailed information about the new parameters here!


Could you please add Get method for activities without filtering by user/organisation/deal.
You already have inverted methods for user/organisation/deal retrieving activities, but all of them are extremely slow. Please implement get all for activities

Hi, ab1

If you run GET /activities and not specify anything, it should give you all activities in the response. I hope this helps.

All the best

It brings only user activities when user_id=0.
But it does not expose all organisations’ and deals’ activities. You have to call it for every organisation and it is so slow.

@ab1, this endpoint brings all activities including Organizations and Deals.
Activities can’t exist without being associated with a User so all activities (including those associated with People, Orgs, Deals) are shown when searching all Users.

My guess is you’re just running into the 500 limit

Hi David,
I know what is 500 limits, it is not a problem.
I just want to retrieve all activities without reference to particular user/deal/organisation. But it should reflect user_id, deal_id and org_id in that output.

Just check API spec get method for users, organisations and deals. You will see different approach to retrieve actions. Every endpoint output has gaps. For example!/Activities/get_activities does not return deal_id and org_id.
Next one!/Organizations/get_organizations_id_activities is very slow, because you have to call it for each deal, etc.

Hi @ab1,

I just checked through our reference page and every Activity retrieved via GET /Activities contains "org_id, "person_id", "deal_id", "lead_id" in the body of the response.

If the Activity isn’t associated with a Org, Person, Deal, etc - the value will be null

If you are not seeing this, can you provide me with an example of your response from this endpoint?

I see if required parameter user_id = 0 it returns all activities.
But it does not work for OrganizationRelationships, where I want to get all relationships for all orgs by passing org_id=0 to!/OrganizationRelationships/get_organizationRelationships
here is error output:

  • “success”: false,
  • “error”: “Missing required org_id”,
  • “error_info”: “Please check for more information about Pipedrive API.”,
  • “data”: null,
  • “additional_data”: null


So, I have to run the query for each organisation, which is extremally slow.
Could you please make your API consistent across all endpoints.