New to Pipedrive - Question Already


Very new to Pipedrive - in fact I haven’t delved in yet as I needed to check a couple of things before I begin.

So I’m redesigning a clients website and taking it away from it’s current set up:

Q1: Any recommendations on linking a current Pipedrive account to a Wordpress site which will be utilising Elementor Pro.

Q2: Can I test the forms on the current Pipedrive account? Ie; there will be the correct domain that is already linked, plus a temporary one.

Thanks guys

Hi @emmajs :slight_smile:

Q1: It depends on what you mean by linking them. Pipedrive offers an API, so in theory almost everything is doable. By reading Q2 I guess you want to use a form to send data into Pipedrive or something similar. In that case I would suggest looking into Elementor Pro’s documentation to see how you could do that. There might be a bit of coding necessary to make the two talk.
Q2: You can definitely use your current account. I think you could also try requesting one for testing.

Hope it helps :v: