No Marketplace Manager

I followed your tutorial to creat an App. I’ve got a Sandbox, but i got no Marketplace Manager under Apps & Integration in my Sandbox account or the real companie account.

Hi Timo,

When requesting the Sandbox, you selected that you would be using it only for testing and not for building an app - this is why the Marketplace Manager was not enabled.

It should be enabled now though.

Thanks for helping this fast.
I was watching the video from “”, he choose basic development in the video. But I guess he didn’t use this option, because the Sandbox was already created with the right settings.

I’ve created my application and tested it in my Sandbox. I don’t need my App to be on the Marketplace, it is only for use in my own Company.
How can create an App in my “real” Company now, what is the next step?

Hi Timo,

If you’ve already done all the work on the sandbox. You submit the app for review and in the notes tell us that you don’t plan to publish it and will only use it for Private use. This way you can use the integration with whichever company you share the link with.

Isn’t it possible to leave the app in “DRAFT” state. And everyone in my company can still install it? For this i must have the Marketplace Manager in my real company?
If the app is reviewed and in the market(unlisted), is it still possible to change details, like the redirect URL.

In draft state, you can only use the app on the account that it was created in.

Once an app is approved, yes you can still make any changes you wish to it. We don’t monitor this app as long as it stays unpublished from the marketplace.

Does “on the account” refers to my personal Pipedrive account or to my Company Pipedrive account?

I want the application to work only for my own company on an intern server with a local IP address.
I can put a local IP address into the “Callback URL” field and it works just fine in here, but it won’t let me send it to review, with a local address.