NodeJS Client

Good day people!

Thanks for your work and support of NodeJS for your platform.
I have some general questions regarding your NodeJS Client:

Currently we only use the API to update some data. But we want to proceed and enable our platform to use more features of your API. Unfortunately we experienced (since we used it, around half a year now) three breaking updates. Two of them we noticed only during production and the other one (most recent update to v12 introduced a new bug. Where we can’t figure out how to solve it.
You added a changelog with version 12. That is great! I am very happy to see this. Please keep this up, so that we are aware what exactly changed and can use this to migrate our Wrapper.


  1. Will there be a migration guide in the future, when you introduce breaking changes?

  2. Will you only introduce breaking changes on major updates?

  3. Is there any TypeScript support planned? I would be really in favor of this, since it would ease our migration processes in the future! :slight_smile:

  4. Any idea from your side how we can test our Pipedrive Wrapper? You recently introduced an API limit, so just firing a test suite for our wrapper for each PR we create, won’t last long :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance!
Keep up your good work.


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Hey @BarbecueSilver
Welcome to the community :wave: and thanks for sharing the details. I like how you shared the context and the relevant questions.

This is one of the goals for the upcoming year. To ensure that we have an effective changelog mechanism along with a predefined timeframe for making those changes.

For 3,4 I do not think there are developments on that side. However, I have noted this as a feedback for the concerned team :slight_smile:

Hey @BarbecueSilver
You can now subscribe to platform updates and API changes here

Do give it a try

Hej @Hem,

thanks for letting me know.
We will have a look there!