Not able to find delete_log option in the 'Get recents' API

I am working on an already developed integration where the app collects data for a list of record IDs that have been deleted from Pipedrive.
In order to collect this data, the integration used below REST API of Pipedrive:

Params: {
“since_timestamp”: 2021-02-01 00:00:01",
“items”: “delete_log”,
“start”: 0,
“api_token”: “xxxx”

However, I get an unexpected result with status=200 by executing the above API (Results include records with items=users, items=activity, …)
Also, I tried to go through the documentation for this REST API, but I did not find an option 'delete_log in the items parameter of ‘GET /recents’ API.
I have attached the screenshot of the API reference:

Can someone please help me understand this issue?
How can I get the list of deleted records using the Pipedrive REST API?

Hi @Karan_Panchal

Does not support delete_log for items query param.

If you would like to collect deleted data, I would suggest looking into Webhooks where you could subscribe for a deleted event and receive a message every time a deal is deleted (for example).

More about webhooks here Guide for Webhooks