Not getting body with request


Question asked through support

I’m trying to implement an endpoint to connect with Pipedrive’s webhooks. Currently I’m stuck because I can’t fetch the body of the webhook’s request with PHP. I am able to get the headers of the request but the body is blank.

When I copy the webhook’s request (from requestbin) and send it using Postman I actually can get the request’s body with PHP. I really can’t find what I’m doing wrong here. The headers are equal in both requests, the only difference is that the request from pipedrive doesn’t contain a body when reading it using PHP.


I was able to find what was going wrong. I just made a stupid mistake while registering the new webhook. It took me some time to discover my mistake.

The URL I used for the webhook raised a 302 response because I forgot to include a slash at the end of my URL.
I entered something like this:
Which had to be:
(Notice the slash at the end)

I used the last one to test with in Postman. This is why I got the complete different responses.