Not getting persons from organization id using /person/search api

I want to fetch persons records using organizationId but there is one field named ‘term’. I tried to pass ‘persons’ in it and also tried with passing 1 as value in it but it returns no data from API.
I am using below API : https://{domain}

Please suggest the way to search persons using organization id/ company id

Hi @kaushal,

I’m having trouble replicating this issue.

Would you mind sharing the exact request you’re making (without the API token) and what information you’re hoping to reach from the request?

Hello David,

I was trying to fetch record using company id from API but in
Pipedrive API v1 Reference site it shows that I need to pass ‘term’ field value and organization_id. Now I am not sure about value to pass in term field.

what should I pass as value in term so that I will get records for organization_id?

Please let me know if you still didn’t get my point.

Thanks and regards,
Kaushal Soni

I think I understand you now.

If you only want to retrieve the People associated with a certain Organization, you should use this endpoint: GET/organizations/{id}/persons

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Thank you David,

this helped a lot. :slight_smile:

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