Notification when a call is initiated

I was working on the activities today type “call”.

And I want to receive a notification / alert / mail … when I start a call with a client via pipedrive

In fact, I realized that if I call a client via pipedrive, the activity is not created until we finish the call

If we take a simple example : If a user of my company initiates a call with a client, I want to send him a message that the call started

I checked the webhooks : a webhook for an added activity is only active when the user finishes the call, so it does not solve the problem.

Could we find a solution for this ?

Hi @palammar
You are right, the activity creation event is emitted only when the call is over.

However, I would like to understand the use case. Are you planning to send events every time a call is initiated? How does it map to the business logic?

Hi @Hem,

In fact, each time one of my team members initiate a call, I want to generate for him a list of tips that he can use while talking to his client.
Could we find a solution for this ?

Hi @palammar
I assume that these tips are to be shown in the UI somehow? Also, do these tips vary based on the contact number?

@Hem It does not matter. I’m only asking if the start of a call can be represented as a trigger. I can take care of the result after this.

Hey @palammar
Unfortunately, the respective event triggers are not available at the moment. The reason I ask is that events could be divided into frontend (app events) and backend (webhooks).

For instance, with a frontend event, a notification is sent to the app and a js listener/callback can contain the logic of showing the UI. I am assuming that you are probably expecting this?

With a backend event, you typically receive a webhook notification that has to be processed by a middleware/backend.