OAuth Authorization page is not working properly when using IE 11


We are developing an integration for Pipedrive REST API and we are seeing an issue with the authorization page at https://oauth.pipedrive.com/oauth/authorize

When we try to open this page under IE 11, providing the required parameters in the command line, the page after the username/password which shows the authorization scopes doesn’t display properly and shows an endless spinner. If the same link is opened from Chrome, it loads properly. We need Internet Explorer to work because we develop a Windows Desktop application and the browser control in use is based on IE.

There is a second issue which is somewhat minor and we could work around but it is still annoying. By default, the browser control sends header “Accept: * /*” . However, the authorization page doesn’t like this and responds with an error:

HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

{“success”:false,“error”:“unauthorized access”,“errorCode”:401}


I know we don’t officially support IE11 (even in-app), but I’m investigating to see if this will change or if there’s any workarounds for you.

Will update you here if anything comes up.

Hi David,

When can you provide update? By not supporting IE 11, you make it extremely hard (impossible) for people using Windows-based environment to connect and use your service. This should definitely be assigned higher priority and shouldn’t be difficult to solve at least for the authorization page. Can someone from your technical team contact me directly to discuss the issue at hand and demonstrate? I think this will speed up the analysis process.

Unfortunately there’s no priority on this as so far as (beyond this post) there hasn’t been any issues. Microsoft even officially no longer supports IE 11 so we’re obviously hesitant to provide support for it as well.


I’m not sure where you read IE 11 is no longer supported but you are definitely wrong. Check here:


Microsoft plans to retire support for IE 10 on January 31, 2020.

You can easily test Pipedrive authorization page is not working properly under IE 11. I have already offered my time to assist with the issue analysis. I hope you raise the priority for the issue higher. This is a definite show-stopper.

I was going more off of this article in particular:


Check the link at the top. It is the same I have provided. IE 11 is definitely supported by Microsoft, so please discuss with your colleagues how to handle the issue. We are right now on standby, not able to progress with our connector work.

Hi David,

1 week has passed and I still have not received feedback. Do you have plans to fix your support for IE 11 on the token authorization page?


As stated before, there’s currently no priority on this so I have no timeframe for when (or if) support will be given to IE 11.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


Your previous feedback was based on wrong assumption about the support status of IE 11. Now that it is clear it is an officially supported Microsoft browser version and that Microsoft is fully behind it, can you please discuss with your development team when do you plan to address the issue in your authorization page? It might be very little effort, probably less than 1 day of work to address.

Please discuss with your team and then get back to me. Thank you!


I have spoken with our development team. All of the feedback I have given you has from been directly from them. As of now, I’m sorry, but IE 11 is not a priority.


Then you have to update this KB article, stating you don’t support any IE version. Otherwise, you are misleading your customers.

It also states:

For the optimum experience, it’s best to avoid the most common default browsers, like Internet Explorer


You state “They will still work”. That is clearly not true.