OAuth authorization. Step 4 and Step 5: Getting the tokens

Hi, there.
I’m following the Your first Pipedrive app using OAuth video tutorial but I stuck on the Step 4 and Step 5: Getting the tokens step or OAuth authorization.

I did the following:

  1. in the postman I created a POST https request.
    1.2. in the Authorization part I choose Basic auth, where Username is my Client ID and Password is my Client Secret. Both, Client ID and Client Secret I took from the OAuth & access scopes tab of my app.
    1.2. Also, in the Body part of the Post request I add three keys:
    a) grant_type having value ‘authorization_code
    b) redirect_uri having value ‘http://testurl.test’ ( for the test purposes the value can be any url as it shown in the video tutorial )
    c) code having value ‘10197601.13380074.67aca8ab8ff4258acfe0aa352c6951495a754a44’ ( which is generated by piprdrive and is active for 5 minutes after I click “Allow and Install” btn on my app)

And having all that done, when submitting a POST request, Postman returns " Could not send request. Error: Invalid protocol: post http: " notification.
Attaching screenshots
What am I doing wrong?

Looking forward to hearing from someone.
I really need help with this.

Hi! You need to remove the word “POST” from the URL field. The field should only contain https://oauth.pipedrive.com/oauth/token
The request method (POST) is already set in the dropdown to the left.

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Hi, @siim !
You made my day!
I’ve bee having a feeling that I don’t see some stupid mistake.
Thanks for


hi @siim. i have created a private app for show a custom modal in pipedrive for perform calling tasks. but when i install it perform oauth and redirect me on my site.
i want to install it in pipedrive. plz guide me bro.

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