Oauth problem send request to api

Trying write aouth functionality, i am hosting my application in azure. I m success get token. But When send cors request to the api, i get error in result. in begin browser send request with type “options”, recieved back error, but must get code 200. Why?

Can you make sure that you are doing an HTTPS call and not an HTTP ?

I am send get request to https://api-proxy.pipedrive.com/persons
And add header “Authorization”. It is cors request so browser send first “options” request and wait code 200, but did not get it

Not sure why you are adding an Authorization header… According to the documentation:

API token must be provided as part of the query string for all requests, using the ‘api_token’ variable, e.g. https://companydomain.pipedrive.com/v1/deals/2?api_token=tS5adsXC6V2nH991

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I am using https://api-proxy.pipedrive.com
Information in https://pipedrive.readme.io/docs/marketplace-common-rules-of-making-requests-to-the-oauth-api

I think api-proxy does not allow cross-domain requests on frontend for security reasons (plain access token in js). Try proxying request through your backend

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