Official endpoint for finding Smart BCC


Is there a official API endpoint for finding the Smart BCC address for a company? I see the value is embedded in some JSON resources, such as Deals and others, however I’m looking for the official and stable way for retrieving that value.


Are you referring to the unique Organization Smart BCC addresses or just your overall company Smart BCC? If you’re referring to the latter, then it will just be the “CompanyName”

I’m referring to the latter (

I know that Pipedrive will reformat the name to be email address compliant. For example if a company name has dots or dashes, those will be removed.

Is there a safer way to get that value?

I should clarify that the smart bcc is actually taken from the company domain and not the company name directly.
You could potentially use!/Authorizations/post_authorizations which will return domains of companies linked to a user, but this also requires password/username