'old' api Reference

i’ve noticed that there is a new page for the api Reference and that lacks alot of information the old one used to have, like the option to test stuff, and alot of examples the new one has like the documentation for person/search. is there a way to get to the old one? or are we stuck with this downgrade?

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I have the same issue

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Agreed, the new version is less than stellar.

To make things work, the ‘Run in Postman’ button doesn’t do anything, and the insomnia instructions reference this url for config import (https://developers.pipedrive.com/docs/api/v1/pipedrive-api.yaml) which isn’t valid.

Not a great start.


I really liked calling inside the web - it is annoying to go every time I need something to postman

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it doesn’t work in chrome but it does work in firefox

Hi, @JeffT

Could you please let us know which examples exactly are missing from the new page? What are the use cases you would like to test the API inside the web (the old version of our API Reference was making requests against the production data, there was no dummy data available for testing)?

Hi, @Martin_Pecha

Could you be more precise and let us know what were the things you needed that you got via calling the endpoints inside the web? Why is using the Postman annoying?

Hi @riin, I was coming to api documentation page for specific info I was looking for such as - what is the id of specific organisation, what is the id of specific value in field or what the new api point do, all kind of simple information check

It had a really nice interface and it was easy fo using even for sales people, which are not developers. There is a lot of sales people, who uses API endpoints on some level, looking for specific informations for connecting different apps together, but are not skilled in handling api calls in Postman or insomnia.


I couldn’t say it better than this, i love to give more examples but I alot is missing more then I could list, I suggest rolling bsck the old version and making sure this time that someone checks if all the information is in the new version before doing stuff like this unannounced, it’s very disappointing and frustrating…

@riin there was also a cool thing, that when you run some api call before to test, you would see, how the request was sent - I then could use that structure to replicate it in integromat etc, which saved me time

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also I think these copy does not work properly

Here you can see you get completely different url than what is in copy/paste function


I agree with what Martin said. For our company I’m the only one using the API docs page, not our team, but it’s still useful to quickly look up (on production data) a Deal or Person detail or what a dealField’s id or fieldkey values are. Understand if there’s some security or business reason you choose to do this, just chiming in with support for the old way as it was simpler/quicker. The new tutorial documentation on clickthrough is quite good, but just for my own learning style it was helpful to see the Request tab showing that format, and the resultant Response tab showing the repsonse format immediately with live data that I can wrap my head around.

the new API documentation is awful. The test button was removed? Why?

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Hello @riin -

I’d like to second this thought. Generally when I’m working with the API, I’m utilizing so many different systems that it’s nice to have a web-based platform to quickly run tests or find data. As much as I like postman, it is overkill for 90% of the functions that I’m utilizing it for. Most of the API pages I utilize from other companies are set up with quick web endpoint testing so I am able to keep tabs on each and jump back-and-forth quickly. I’m curious to know from your side what prompted this change?