Only a beginner needing some help with Leadbooster API

Hi, guys!

I´ve found the Leadbooster Browser API on this URL: LeadBooster Browser API and I saw this piece of code:

LeadBooster.trigger('close');  // closes LeadBooster chat

How can I insert this function (I think it´s a function) inside my code below if I want prevent leadbooster from opening in a certain URL Page. I am using GTM to trigger the code on each page.

window.pipedriveLeadboosterConfig = {base: ‘’,companyId: 0000000,playbookUuid: ‘00000000000000’,version: 2};(function () {var w = window;if (w.LeadBooster) {console.warn(‘LeadBooster already exists’);} else {w.LeadBooster = {q: [],on: function (n, h) {this.q.push({ t: ‘o’, n: n, h: h });},trigger: function (n) {this.q.push({ t: ‘t’, n: n });},};}})();/scri></scri src=“” async>/scri>

Based on the page url, you can optionally load this snippet of code.

Assuming it is in JS, you can use window.location object

Feel free to create a new topic if you still face challenges.