Open a Static HTML in a Custom modal iframe

Hello! I’ve developed an app with a custom modal feature. When I click the “Run iframe” button, I expect the custom modal to load a static HTML file from my server. Unfortunately, clicking the button doesn’t produce any results.

My suspicion is that, apart from specifying the iframe URL in the custom modal settings, I also need to include a JWT secret. While I know how to generate the secret, I’m uncertain whether adding it to the custom modal configuration will resolve the issue. Despite researching extensively within the developer community, I haven’t found a step-by-step guide that precisely addresses my case. Additionally, I’m unsure whether installing the SDK is necessary.
Could someone please assist me with my concerns? Perhaps there’s a guide or tutorial available that explains how to display a static HTML file within a custom modal iframe triggered by a button.

Hello, today.
Could any please help me with my query?

Hi! We have the following resources available:

Hi @siim your answer didn’t help. I believe you didn’t read my question carefully.
Anyway, thank you for replying.