Open a Static HTML in a Custom modal iframe

Hello! I’ve developed an app with a custom modal feature. When I click the “Run iframe” button, I expect the custom modal to load a static HTML file from my server. Unfortunately, clicking the button doesn’t produce any results.

My suspicion is that, apart from specifying the iframe URL in the custom modal settings, I also need to include a JWT secret. While I know how to generate the secret, I’m uncertain whether adding it to the custom modal configuration will resolve the issue. Despite researching extensively within the developer community, I haven’t found a step-by-step guide that precisely addresses my case. Additionally, I’m unsure whether installing the SDK is necessary.
Could someone please assist me with my concerns? Perhaps there’s a guide or tutorial available that explains how to display a static HTML file within a custom modal iframe triggered by a button.

Hello, today.
Could any please help me with my query?

Hi! We have the following resources available:

Hi @siim your answer didn’t help. I believe you didn’t read my question carefully.
Anyway, thank you for replying.

bro i am also working on it. i am using custom floating window. which need frentend and beckend implementation. iframe will generate with custom integration it also need sdk for beckend. try your best and keep finding because it’s not have proper doc’s on that topic.

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