$organizations = $pipedrive->make('organizations');


i am calling this api method after oauth success it returns object i am trying to get result from using $organizations ->getData()
but it returns null don’t now reason
i am using this api linked bellow’

i need the help in this case


looking at the documentation, if you want to get the organizations, here’s the code:

$response = $pipedrive->organizations->all();
$organizations = $response->getData();

and how to get users?


how to get deals of user who have installed the app using above mentioned api i am unable to get it ?


i have done auth functionality after any body install my app from market place and have the access_token now want get the deals of company who have installed my app using this api(https://github.com/IsraelOrtuno/pipedrive#available-methods.) if any one have worked on this api and help me will be appreciated.