Permitted Users for Activity webhooks show * instead of User Ids

In the notification JSON sent by Pipedrive for Activity webhooks, the permitted_user_ids field shows * instead of listing the ids explicitly. Note that this is only the case for activity, for the rest of the objects, individual user ids are being sent. And Activity too was sending individual ids earlier.

Could you please fix the activity notifications to send the individual user ids?

(Refer the screenshots for activity and deal)

activity webhook

deal webhook

Hi @David,

Any update on this?

Hi @sumiyafaruq

Thank you for letting us know. We’ve forwarded this issue to our developers.

Hi @sumiyafaruq

The fix for this is now live. If all of the users have permission to see activity, then permitted user IDs are still[*]. If only specific users have permission to see it, then the user IDs are listed e.g. [123, 456, 789].