Person with Multiple Organizations Linked


Hey guys,

New to this area so if I’m posting in the wrong place, just let me know the best place to do this.

Here’s the situation, I’ve got a client that I’m setting up with the Pipe and they are a CPA/Accountant firm so they will have their clients in the Pipe. Issue I’ve got is that one Person may be owner of 3 Organizations, so unlike having one Organization with multiple People, one Person is unable to have multiple Organizations attached to them.

Anyone know why this wouldn’t work?

I know I could add the Organization field into the Deal details area but it just wouldn’t be the same.


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Dear Jonatha, I have same issue. Is a common case special for Cxx level positions in bigger company structures… if pipedrive is think about to implement here something, dont forget is important to be able to define roles/functions for each relation.