Phone field not set in Users Post API

I used users post api to add new user. I am sending below data user information:

{:email=>“”, :name=>“sham sham”, :phone=>“0000-0002”, :company_name=>“Super Tech”}

User is created on pipedrive account. But in response, Phone field is not set e.g.

#<Hashie::Mash data=#<Hashie::Mash access=#<Hashie::Array [#<Hashie::Mash admin=false app=“sales” permission_set_id=“93d0d920-e522-11ed-b0c9-05a6c17ac796”>, #<Hashie::Mash admin=false app=“global” permission_set_id=“93d482a0-e522-11ed-b0c9-05a6c17ac796”>]> active_flag=true created=“2023-04-29 01:15:52” default_currency=nil email="" has_created_company=false icon_url=nil id=14807430 is_admin=0 is_you=false lang=1 last_login=nil locale=nil modified=“2023-04-29 01:15:52” name=“sham sham” phone=nil role_id=1 timezone_name=nil timezone_offset=nil> success=true>

Can you try with phone field like this (JSON example provided)?

phone: [
    'value': '+15553031234'
    'primary': true

Hello, @ali527 and welcome to the community! :wave:

Are you using the POST /users endpoint?

The POST /users endpoint supports the following body parameters: email, access and active_flag. Here’s the API documentation for this endpoint.

Once a user accepts their invitation to Pipedrive, they can update their details in the web app from Personal Preferences > Account. Here’s our Knowledge Base article that explains this further.