Phone Number Search via /searchResults/field

So I’ve used the API to do quite a bit, but now I’m integrating it into our new phone system with FreePBX. I’ve gotten everything to work pretty much flawless, except when searching by phone number, it will ONLY find the Person if it’s the first phone number listed.

I’ve tested by just swapping phone number positions and it’ll work on the new first number, but not that one that was first prior, so always only one number per Person, which in our case doesn’t work because our clients call from multiple different numbers.

If anyone is interested I could share the module for CID_Superfecta in FreePBX. Just one file you put into the modules directory and then the settings will ask for your api token and company domain.

Primary tested whether it could check multiple numbers here:!/SearchResults/get_searchResults_field

Did you try this using (!/SearchResults/get_searchResults)?

This should give you responses in more than just the first (primary) number.

Well that was a whole lot easier than expected. Apparently I was just trying to be too specific but this worked out better as now I only need 1 request since this pasts back the Person details as well.

Thanks for your help.

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