PHP client update?

Hi, it looks like the php library has not been updated in a while.

It seems to work OK so in general, this is OK but it currently doesn’t have a search method other than the API calls which are going to be turned off at the end of the month. Are there plans to update this at all?

If not I will either fork it or look for a new fork. But it would be good to get a message about if it is still officially supported or not.

I’ve raised an issue there, but it looks like other issues have not been updated in quite a while,

Hi Jeremy,

Yes, this is still the official PHP library and we are planning to add the search methods. I’ve spoken to my team and we’ll try to get this prioritized.

Thank you very much. I look forward to seeing this.

@jeremyfrench check out this pd client library, I’ve been using it for years and it is well maintained.