Pipedream - Pipedrive Error 500

Hi there,

I would please like some help with a Pipedream - Pipedrive integration.

The specific step “new_deal” in my Pipedream workflow seems to be encountering an internal server error, as indicated by the response status code “500” and the accompanying error message “Internal Server Error occurred. Pipedrive staff was notified about this.”

The workflow involves creating a new deal in Pipedrive, and there is a JSON payload included in the request data that contains various fields such as title, custom fields, property information, and comments. However, due to the internal server error, the deal creation process fails.

Brief summary:
I have a workflow that starts with a webhook to a form on my website.

  1. When the form is submitted, I want a new person to be created in Pipedrive: Success
  2. I then want Pipedream to search Pipedrive for that new person I just created, using the email address field from the webhook results. This is because I need the Pipedrive ‘person ID’ of the new person that has just been created: Success
  3. I want to carry forward all the data form the webhook (because I need the results from the webhook (website form submission) to create a new deal) as well as the results from the ‘search persons’ because I also need the ‘person ID’ – this is because I want to link a new deal to the new person: Success
  4. Create the new deal: Failed – Error code 500

Also, in the ‘configure’ section of the new deal, there is no option to input a deal title

There are a number of custom data fields that I have added in Pipedrive. This has not been an issue for the create person step, so I can’t see why it would be an issue in the create new deal step.

The main thing here to question is the code – I do not know how to code! I’ve just been using chatgpt and my brain to try and figure all this out…and to be honest I’m surprised steps 1-3 have worked!

Please let me know if you need any other information and whether you think this is fixable.

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Hi @Josh_Rapley
Welcome to the community :wave: and thanks for being patient! It was a thorough description, and I appreciate that a lot :heart:

I want to confirm a couple of things.

  • I see that you are calling the deals endpoint for creating a new deal with the custom fields, but I don’t clearly see if the custom field IDs (which are required for creation/update) are used rather than the custom field names. (You can obtain them via the /dealFields endpoint)

  • I am assuming that deal creation always fails. Let me know if my understanding is wrong. In some cases, the failure occurs randomly and can be addressed with a retry strategy

Hi Hem, thanks for your reply. Sorry but I figured it out! I’ll delete the post. Thank you.