Pipedrive and website forms integration

I have the following problem with the forms on the page and integration with Pipedrive.

Case looks like this:

  1. The form works in a test environment, i.e. normally the data is parsed to Pipedrive.
  2. After the release on production, the form does not work and the data do not want to go through.
  3. They receive the following messages.

Custom made form, standard page on WordPress.

Could you take a look at the messages and say if you can read anything about it?

Best regards,

Hello Mike,

Are you using the community client: https://github.com/IsraelOrtuno/pipedrive ?

Not sure what the issue could be, even though I can see you are using API token for authentication (Not a good idea to expose it publicly), please consider some of the important notes regarding OAuth on here: https://github.com/IsraelOrtuno/pipedrive#important

For support on this client you can reach out to its creator. His contact is here: https://github.com/IsraelOrtuno/pipedrive#complete-pipedrive-api-client-for-php

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Hey! thanks for letting me know