Pipedrive API - 403 Error


We are having some difficulty accessing the Pipedrive API from our Production machine. It was working perfectly until last week then it suddenly stopped. We can still connect the application via Oauth and receive the refresh and access tokens, but when we try to access the API, we get 403 error codes.

We used the accessToken generated within the application and tried the API from Postman, and it worked. We suspect Cloudflare may have blocked our machine IP from the Pipedrive side. Could you please investigate this and take the necessary steps to unblock it, if that is the case?

Here are some of the sample APIs we are not able to access via our application,

  • /v1/personFields
  • /v1/users
  • /v1/filters

Note: We tested the same Production code on a different machine and it worked fine.


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