Pipedrive API for reporting

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We want to use data from Pipedrive for our internal dashboard. Unfortunately we ran into an issue and I really really hope it is our own fault…

We want to extract the following data:

  • Deals including according products
  • Organizations including according products

But we cannot figure out how to do that. We can extract deals (without products), organizations (without products) and products without deal / organization information.

Did I miss something in the API documentation or is it really not possible to extract data with my requirements?

Thank you very much in advance!

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I had similar problem and I found that in Firmao this works correctly

Hey @EisBaller & @Anna1
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Have you checked this endpoint - getDealProducts ? It will get the associated products.

You could get the deals associated with an organization and find the products too. Refer getOrganizationDeals

This endpoint would be relevant too getProductDeals

The challenge that you might face is in joining the data however, it is possible to extract the data :slight_smile:
Let me know if it helps