Pipedrive API newbie needs help with simple filtering query

Hi, this is my first time in this community so apologies if I’m posting this incorrectly or any other breach of etiquette :slight_smile:

I’m trying to set up a real-time report in Google Sheets, pulling data from Pipedrive. Specifically, I want to report on total $ value of deals added within a specific period. I’ve set up API connector which is successfully pulling data in from Pipedrive (Import Pipedrive API Data to Google Sheets [2021] | API Connector). But I’ve been unsuccessful in getting it to filter the data to only show deals added in Pipedrive after a certain date. Can anyone help point me in the right direction, to achieve this filter? I think I need to add something like
to get deals added in 2021 but not sure on the exact way to express it.
Thanks in advance!

Hello @rafkb

It seems this connector allows to pass query params into the query string.

So, you can add filter ID into query string to filter deals you need. Something like this


To get this filter ID, you need to call GET /filters, and find a filter you need.

For example, I have a filter “People contact within the last month”. If I want to get all the deals by this filter, first I get this filter’s ID

And call https://YOUR_DOMAIN.pipedrive.com/v1/deals?api_token=<my token>&filter_id=7

If you don’t have the filter you need yet, the easiest way to create one is from Pipedrive UI, where you could also apply it and see the results.

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