Pipedrive APIs for sending emails

I also need to send emails via API. As the workflow automation already allows to send emails, I suppose Pipedrive already has such an API. If so, could you please make that available to customers as well?

As a first step, a simple API with these few API parameters would suffice:

  • ID of the email sender (Pipedrive user ID)
  • ID of the recipient (ID of a specific contact in Pipedrive)
  • ID of the email template

Later it would be nice to add the following params:

  • Track email YES / NO
  • Use signature of specified user YES / NO
  • Optional: Contact ID(s) for CC / BCC
  • Optional: Value(s) for Free Text Placeholder(s)

This would be of great value, as it would allow to automate sending of emails - adding a tons of new possibilities to Pipedrive: Automated drip email campaigns, action notifications to the team via email, collection of additional customer information via email, sending payment reminders to customers…

Is that possible? Thanks a lot in advance!

@David Now, 2 years later, is there any update on sending emails via Pipedrive API, see previous comment? Would be of great value! Do you know, whether it comes with the email automation discussed here? https://community.pipedrive.com/discussion/11203/looking-for-beta-testers-automation-activity-and-email-sequences

@Hem It seems, that @David has left the Pipedrive team.
Can you tell me, whether Pipedrive has plans to extend the Pipedrive API to allow sending emails (using the Pipedrive email templates) in near future? Thanks a lot in advance! :slight_smile:

Hey @Friend
Thanks for sharing the request with the necessary details :slight_smile: Unfortunately, at the moment, this is not possible. However, I have moved this to the feedback section for higher visibility. Will make sure it reaches the right team

Hello @Hem,

thanks for your quick answer. Will that feature be part of Pipedrives “email sequences” beta which is being tested with pilot customers currently? (From what I see, you can already send emails via Pipedrives workflow automations, so it should not be a big deal to allow sending emails from the Pipedrive API as well?!).

Thanks! :slight_smile: