Pipedrive as a plugin in Mautic

Hi all,

i am using the mautic community version and pipedrive as an plugin in mautic.
Because i want to integrate information i get from mautic in pipedrive. And to some point it does work, i’m able to transfer names, phone numbers and e-mail adresses from mautic to pipedrive. But i am unable to fill custom fields i created in pipedrive with information from mautic. Even though i mapped them exactly the same way.

Does anyone have a hint what i’m missing? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Inga,

Did you check this documentation ?

If there are other information correctly being sent, did you print the Mautic results into a log file to debug if the custom fields information are correctly fetched ?

Assuming you did, could you please share the code snippet so I can maybe look at it.


I somehow managed to transfer my custom field, after reading your documentation. So thanks, although i’m still totally confused :slight_smile: