Pipedrive Contacts to Google Sheets


I was wondering if anyone has any experience and/or knows if it is possible to download all contacts from Pipedrive into Google sheets on a daily basis or to alternatively check a specific email against our Pipedrive database.

you can do both.

To download the contacts, you can use this endpoint.

To find a contact with a specific email, you can use this with search_by_email set to true.

Thanks Dani. Really appreciate it!

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Hi Sid,

My company (momentumtools.io) has built an easy & secure backup solution for Podio.com that syncs their data to a readable format to Google Sheets. It also syncs meta data such as comments & files to a secured Google Drive folder.

This transparent approach has received lots of praise from the Podio community and we’re keen to do the same for Pipedrive.

Would that be a good solution for your use case?

If “contacts” are one of the endpoints available with the pipedrive API, you can use this Pipedrive to Google Sheets tutorial I wrote for connecting the Pipedrive API to Google Sheets easily, without writing any code. Cheers!