Pipedrive Deal missing add_time

I’ve been getting a lot of deals where the add_time field is null. Why would this be? It seems very odd for a deal to be missing this. Similar fields like update_time are not missing.

Hello, @Kenton :wave:

A deal’s add_time field can be null for example when the add_time is provided in an incorrect format when adding a new deal. The add_time is an optional field that is automatically added when omitted from the request.

May I ask you to check whether your API logic includes providing the add_time field along with POST /deals requests? If you’re not seeing any issues from your side, can you please let us know and we’ll look into it further?


Hi @Helena_Sul,

Thank you kindly for getting back to me.

I think I may have miscommunicated. I’m not POSTing the deal only GETting them. I had a whole bunch that were missing the add_time when I was retrieving them. This started Aug 18, 2023 7:41:23 PM UTC and persisted until Aug 21, 2023 3:52:38 PM UTC. Now the add_time is being returned consistently.

Just one clarifying question, should the add_time always exist when retrieving deals even when it’s POSTed incorrectly?

Hello @Kenton,

Alright, understood. Glad to hear that the issue ended as of Aug 21!

To answer your question, the add_time field should always exists, but it can have null value when it is POSTed incorrectly.


The API reference do not mention add_time. Where can I find all these system defined parameters?
Eg the Update docs do not mention say “add_time”. Pipedrive API v1 Reference

I presume one can just post back a retrieved deal object but just now I am just reading up on what the API supports and based it on the docs. Have not yet started coding anything. Until I stumbled upon this thread and found out that on CAN actually update add_time.

You can find all the fields in the Open API 3 specification file