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I’m Priit, a product manager at Pipedrive.

We know there are improvement opportunities when it comes to integrating with Pipedrive and extending its capabilities. Please help us to identify those by filling in a survey about Pipedrive Developer Platform! Note that some of you may have already received this via email - if you already filled it in please ignore it :slightly_smiling_face:

The results will be a direct input for our roadmap prioritization process and the improvements will enable you to build more valuable and user-friendly apps.

To thank you for your time, we’ll send you a $/€/£10 Amazon gift card after completing the survey (one per person max, Terms & Conditions apply - for US&Canada / for Rest of the World).

Entry points to the the survey:

  1. If you take part in our Channel Partner Program, start from HERE
  2. Vendors building apps for our Marketplace, independent developers, customers and all others start from HERE

Thanks in advance!
Priit Parmann
Product Manager, Developer Platform

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The link doesn’t work for the survey, but I’d like to include my top things here.

These ideas are made with my team of over 20 users in mind.

  1. Lock/View-Only, Field categories, Hide Fields by user permissions on deals UI (including system fields like Value, Expected Close Date, Deal Name, Won Time). This will be a game-changer for data integrity. This is my single biggest pain point for managing a team of 20+ with an ecosystem of apps and integrations getting data from Pipedrive. With 50+ deal fields, it’s extremely difficult to work on more complex deals.

  2. Mobile App does NOT obey web app required fields. Users can move stage or mark deals WON without filling required fields on mobile app. Either fix or allow blacklisting mobile app logins.

  3. Conditional required fields. If field 1 is true, make field 2 required. If field 1 is false, leave field 2 hidden and not required. (example: Client Rebate? Yes/No, if Yes, Client Rebate Amount)

  4. Webhook filter by individual field (deals.updated only when owner changes) OR add a “trigger webhook” action to native Pipedrive workflow automation so the native condition filters can be used.

  5. User onboard/provisioning endpoints (edit user settings, edit user name/profilePic, installed apps, sidebar settings, list view format, etc.). Right now we have to manually login to the user’s account to do this or trust they will install the proper apps themselves.

  6. Method to completely remove unused UI elements tied to permissions. (Leads, Leadbooster, Products, Invoice, Followers, Workflow Automation, Caller, Documents)

  7. Email Signature api endpoint (so we can keep a native email signature updated for users)


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Hi @bobby,

Thanks so much for the comprehensive feedback - every bit helps!

Our team owns the Developer Platform and webhooks is a part of it - I’ve noted it down and your feedback will help to prioritize it higher on the list of opportunities to tackle.

As for the API endpoints themselves, the respective teams who own the related product area also own them. I have forwarded the other parts of your feedback to other internal teams.