Pipedrive GraphQL APIs

Hey, i see this is a great effort, I don’t find how to make use of GraphQL when writing my integration for Pipedrive. Is it only an internal project, or can I (actually as a partner of Pipedrive) use GraphQL?

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Hey @etaroza , thanks for your interest, however /graphql is currently still in active development and is intended for internal services because:

  • schema is not standardized & stable yet (can have sudden changes)
  • we don’t have a good mechanism to notify of breaking changes, so that needs a bit of improvement
  • not all entities exist, that are available over REST API

So we don’t support /graphql for integrations yet

Hi @etaroza,

Welcome to the community :wave:

Like @artjom.kurapov mentioned, unfortunately, GraphQL apis are not open to the public yet. However, on the bright side, we have some improvements planned for APIs & Changelog in the future :wink: do keep an eye on the announcements section for further info.

Nevertheless, please feel free to share the use-case/scenario where you require the GraphQL APIs!

Main problem is to escape frontend devs from N+1 problems. Actually when architecting a couple of integrations of my own as a Pipedrive partner, I was coming to the point where I was about to create an abstraction layer such as GraphQL, so if you guys haven’t got a production-ready release, I’d gladly adopt it for my “production” purposes :slight_smile:

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