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I am a developer from Valuebound. We are looking to integrate Pipedrive with our app. We have some doubts mentioned below.

  1. Is there any official Pipedrive SDK available for Python?

  2. We explored the developer portal and existing APIs, There are APIs available to get fields of other objects like Deals, Organizations, Persons, etc. Similarly, we want to get fields for Lead. but we are not able to find any API to fetch fields of the Lead object. is there any API available for it? if not, How can we fetch the Lead object field?

  3. How can we get leads associated with person id/email? There will be a person’s association with deals, leads, and organization. we are able to get the association of a person with deals but not with leads. please guide us to find the same.

  4. How can we update, create and read activities in bulk(multiple)? Is there any API available for it? We want to create, read and update multiple activities by their IDs in a single API call for multiple activities.

  5. Is there any way to add multiple organizations to an activity? please provide some guidance/documentation.

  6. We are able to pass an identifier as a state(some query params in the server-server call to identify organization/tenant and user) during authorization when we allow app installation outside of the Marketplace. But not able to pass the same when we are installing the app directly from the marketplace. is there any way to pass some identifier data at the time of registering an app in the marketplace?

Thanks and Regards,
Rahul Kumar

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@Pipedrive please look into above mentioned questions and kindly revert back with reference or guidance.

Thanks and Regards,
Rahul Kumar

Hey @Rahul_Kumar
Thanks for the detailed post and for being patient :slight_smile: I will attempt to answer them one by one

There is no official SDK for Python. As you might have seen already, we have a community-contributed SDK at the moment GitHub - jscott1989/python-pipedrive: Python API for interacting with the pipedrive.com API

Thanks for checking the documentation. In terms of custom fields, Leads inherit Deals. Let me know if it supports your use case?

You can perform a search by person and other custom fields using the lead search endpoint - Pipedrive API v1 Reference

Not possible at the moment. You still need to perform individual operations

Can you provide more details as to how and why the data is used at this point? Until the user authorizes the application, no additional data can be fetched

Thanks for your response.
We still have some doubts with respect to the following:

Your reply is related to custom fields, but we want to get all the existing fields of the Leads object, is there any API available for it?

Using API endpoint /v1/leads/search, we can filter using Person ID but the request body contains term as a required field can you guide us on what value should we provide here? we are trying to explore similar to Pipedrive API v1 Reference.

To clarify the last question, we plan to register our integration app to the Pipedrive marketplace. in regular OAuth Server-server calls, we are passing some query params to identify the organization/tenant/user who is integrating, but we are not able to find anything similar during app installation from the marketplace. is there any way to pass some identifier in the app installation callback so that we can identify organization/tenant/user from our end?

Hey @Hem, Please take a look on above queries.

Hi @Hem, We are looking for some guidance for above reply. Please provide references for same.

Hi @Hem , We have some more queries listed below.

  1. Can we fetch leads using this Pipedrive API v1 Reference ?
    if no, Is there any API to fetch updated leads between given time period?

  2. Does Pipedrive webhook support for leads?

  3. Can we redirect user from marketplace to our app without authorization? Our application is not compatible with marketplace installation flow. Is there any work around for it?

Thanks and Regards,
Rahul Kumar

@Rahul_Kumar Thanks for being patient and for raising some really good points. I checked with the engineering team regarding the leadFields endpoint (similar to dealFields). Unfortunately, it is not available now but this is already planned for release in the near future. I would recommend subscribing to Pipedrive API Changelog as you will receive immediate updates once it goes live :slight_smile:

If you are building a public app, you should use OAuth for authorization. As you can see from the flow below, you will be able to access user/company data upon authorization (i.e., when the user grants consent). From a technical standpoint, sharing any information prior to installation is actually a security & privacy concern. Hence no identifiers will be passed except for client id prior to consent.

Let me check if there’s a way to just list associated persons without having to pass search terms. Will get back on this

this is not possible at the moment but the team is aware of it. The closest way to achieve this would be to construct a filter/use an existing one mapped to contact using the endpoint below

and combine it with the get all leads endpoint which expects a filter id as input

Thanks @Hem for your reply

Please also look into these queries and get back to us.

@Hem Please look into above queries.


Hi @Hem Please look into above queries and revert back.


Hey @Rahul_Kumar
At this point, No.

It is a popular request in our feedback pipeline but not available at the moment

You need to use OAuth if you are building a public app :slight_smile: