Pipedrive Search API

Using Pipedrive Search API, is it possible to ‘search’ if a lead is present with the domain ‘google.com’? In the documentation domain is not included in the fields which we can use with the search endpoint.

Hi @Aryaman_Todkar,

What do you mean by “if a lead is present with the domain google.com”? :slightly_smiling_face:

If you mean finding leads with an email address that has the domain google.com, you can use the Item Search endpoint > /v1/itemSearch?item_types=person,lead&fields=email&search_for_related_items=true,
You would have to filter out type: ‘person’ results from the response, but it should also include the leads that are linked to persons that are using an email with google.com domain.

Also, as the search will match more stuff, e.g. persons with emails like google.com@example.com, you should explicitly go over all the results returned by the endpoint and only process ones with type = lead and emails that are actually ending with google.com.

I hope this helps? :slightly_smiling_face:


I wanted to use the Item Search Endpoint like this /v1/itemSearch?item_types=lead&fields=domain&search_for_related_items=true ,


Hi @Aryaman_Todkar,

Unfortunately, this is not possible right now as we currently don’t support a domain field in Search API. :frowning_face:
I’ve since passed on your feedback about wanting to use the domain field to the relevant team.