Pipedrive webforms: attach additional data


We have a Pipedrive contact form embedded on our wordpress website with js like this:

<div class="pipedriveWebForms" data-pd-webforms="https://webforms.pipedrive.com/f/xxxyyyzzz"><script src="https://webforms.pipedrive.com/f/loader"></script></div>

Is there any way at all to somehow include additional information in the message when the ‘submit’ button is pressed?

This form is embedded on a page template, so upon receiving we need to identify where exactly was the message sent from (be it URL, or some custom info). Generating some sort of an identifier on our side we can handle but how to send it along with the message?

Hi @darekmmm

Unfortunately it’s not possible, as Web Form is fetched and rendered upon request, hence you can’t modify/pass data from a WordPress page template (or some backend) into the form.

What do you think about creating multiple Web Forms for different page templates, so you could cover different messages?