Possibilities with a shopify / Sales Framework

Hi community.
I am not the most technical computer savvy person on the planet so i’m reaching out to see if my framework is possible.
I have a Shopify account that I manually track orders.
My goal:
Shopify has 3 tier subscription service. Bronze, Silver, Gold.
Client journey:

  1. Clicks on Shopify tier
  2. Client registration form is filled out
  3. This registration automatically populates details into Pipedrive as a “Deal”
  4. Client then enters payment details into Shopify
  5. This signals Pipedrive client profile as “WIN”
  6. Pipedrive integration sends Welcome Email to client
  7. Welcome email sends client ZOOM webinar meeting address
  8. Pipedrive tracks monthly subscription as retainer payment
  9. If payment is cancelled, Pipedrive notifies me or automatically changes client profile to “LOST”
  10. Pipedrive email or email integration stops sending client service.

I am more than happy to include other add ons to make this workflow framework possible OR open to suggestions on how this can work.
If this is possible but manual data entry needs to be done with WIN/LOS/ DEAL creation, this is also fine, but ideally automation would be a bonus.

Thank you in advance

Thanks for explaining the scenario in detail. You can find useful information on integration here