POST /deals Server error

Hi :wave:,
I have a few users of my app getting a server error when trying to create a deal.

For some users it seems to happen when making a request from outside the country of the company (datacenter?) - for example signing up on Pipedrive in the US and then using it from Portugal, but it’s not confirmed.

For a few months it was just one or two users, and I tried reaching out to support about it.

I started getting more issues like this and I would like to know if there’s something I can do about it.

Can you help?

I provided case-specific information in our email thread. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

Hi @dani
Thanks for sharing this information in detail :slight_smile: ! Just a quick clarification - do deal creations succeed in immediate retries / do they fail continuously (in a particular time frame) ?

They fail continuously for those specific users.

Hi @dani
Thanks for being patient. Can you share the company IDs / the URLs to for a closer look?

I shared several ones already.
The email thread is called “Permission error”. It started in March, and I provided more cases in my last email on May 22nd… :poop:

I just sent another case in the email thread.

For others experiencing the same, the error for me was caused by a wrong explicit user_id in the request.

In at least one case it looks like the same emailed belonged to a previously deleted company/user.
So make sure to keep the user/company ids updated.

Also, unless you need to add resources for some other users, simply leave out the user_id parameters since it will default to the user making the request.


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