POST /persons not adding a new person


I am having a strange behaviour from the Pipedrive API.

After creating a new person by doing a POST call to /v1/persons and providing all necessary fields that I require, I am receiving an http status 200 ( not sure why this is not a 201 code) and a message “success”: true.

Surprisingly, when I have a look in the list of the persons by calling GET on /v1/persons, the persons created via API are not visible in the results, neither on the web interface.

All new persons created via the web interface are retrieve in the GET call.

May I know what could be the reason of the POST call not creating the persons accordingly ?

Thanks in advance,

Hey Mario,

A bit tough to tell without being able to see everything on your side. Could possibly be an issue of Ownership, filters, etc.
I would recommend taking a look directly in the interface with the filter set to Everyone and the ID column visible check to see if ID numbers match correctly after POSTing to see if anything is created then. If still nothing you might need to reach out to our support so we can see it firsthand

Hey David,

The issue was related to a proxy doing HTTP calls instead of HTTPs.

Is kind of confusing that Pipedrive API response with a 200 code even when the API itself only provides support for HTTPS. Not sure why the API is not returning a 505 or 426 code, that will clarify to the users that there is an issue with the protocol being used.

Thanks for your help.


Thanks for the clarification and bringing this to my attention.
I’ll take a look into this.