Postal code only shows first 3 letters/numbers of the full post code

In zapier im pulling data and I needed post code for address purposes, unfortunatly as you can see in a screenshot below some addresses in field Postal Code only have first 3 letters/numbers. Some other customers have full post code. (that is why I know it is not zaiper’s fault)
Why is that happaning and how can I fix it?
Screenshot from zaiper.

I cover part of the address for obvious reasons, but it is in full in the Address field, but in Postal code there is only part of the post code.

Could it be that post code was put only partialy during the process of adding that person? If so, then why would full address be shown?
Formatted Address field also have partial post code.

Hey @jakub7575, the addresses in Pipedrive are geo-coded by Google Maps. Have you compared how the address looks within Pipedrive to how it looks in Google Maps?

@David Hi, thanks for taking time to reply to my post.

So what I did is, I copy the address from Pipe, which is full and correct, and I past it to google. Then I press on the map and took a screenshot of the address in the tab.

I was not sure what you mean by “compare” so if it is not what I supposed to do, then please explain.