Private Custom App Panels have disappeared

Hey Team,

I have a private custom application that presents order info from Magento into a multi-object panel for each person based on their email address.

The app is published and the panel was visible and functioning correctly on the 31st October. Now come demo day the panel has vanished. The app is still installed and the panel is still in my custom application under the dev tools, yet it doesn’t appear in Pipedrive nor do my logs say my function is being called.

I have messaged support, reinstalled the app, cleared cache/cookies, tried different browsers, remade the private app, etc. and nothing has worked.

Has anyone run into this issue before? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



Hi there!
Welcome to the community!

Did you create the app in a sandbox? Can you share the company name? You can send me via PM if you prefer.
Also, what’s the name of the app?

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