Private draft app does not appear in 'marketplace apps' after installation in Sandbox environment?

I am working on an app extension to add Link action and JSON panel on Person Details view. The app is intended for private use and is in draft state. As I click:

Preview Install Now Allow and Install,

I am redirected to auth callback URL but the app does not appear in the “marketplace apps” list (one meant for listing installed apps). Hence no impact on Person Details view/UI.

Due to this I am unable to test the app. Can someone please help me?

Hi @fahadnadeem
Welcome to the community :wave: !

Was the authorization successful, and could you exchange the code for access and refresh token pairs? Ideally, that should mark it as a successful authorization and the app should be noticeable.

Can you also share the configuration that you have used for the draft app?

Thanks Hem. I properly implemented the installation flows and it began appearing in ‘marketplace apps’.

Actually, I was under the impression that the Installation Flows are just to acquire User-Delegated-Access-Token to make the backend of custom app communicate with Pipedrive API, which, in my case, is not needed. However, it turned out that that acquiring token, somehow, behind the scenes, also completes the installation process even if the backend of custom app does not need the access token at all.

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