Problem integrating contact form with Pipedrive

We have a form already created on our WordPress website, it’s running on the Contact Form 7 plugin and integrates with Pipedrive via CF7 Pipedrive Integration plugin

The problem is - even though a new contact is being created, this integration is limited, so the message body is not being sent.

Ideally, what we need is the functionality of the native Pipedrive web form - but with a theme that looks like what we have now.

We’d like to keep the design unchanged, but have troubles connecting the old form to Pipedrive. So we need to either connect it properly or create a new form that will look the same.

We’d like the message subject and body to be displayed inside the contact in Pipedrive, so our sales managers would instantly see it.

Hey @Liubomyr_Kachur

Unfortunately this isn’t something that’s currently possible without creating your own webform to work this way. I will go ahead and send your feedback to the right people though so we’ll see if it can be added in an update to our webforms.

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Thank you. And regarding the custom webform, can you advice where to begin with it?
As I understand we can use the API, but not sure how complicated it will be in our case.

We don’t actually have any documentation on building webforms now (but I’ll keep it in mind for the future). If you have someone who’s familiar with front-end and API, it shouldn’t be too difficult to set it up, but again, it does depend on the person(s) experience.

If you include a JavaScript tutorial with Creating a Deal in the documentation that can be used as a way to build a webform

You can test my code. It is an add-on for Contact Form 7, it pulls all your fields and custom fields in a dropdown selector (Deal and Persons) in “wp-admin”. After the form is submited the this add-on also creates a note in Pipedrive and populates it with al the other fields that where not defined in “wp-admin”.

This is were you define the Pipedrive Fields in “wp-admin”

So far it works in any version of wordpress after 3.5.

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You can use a ready-made solution - Contact Form 7 - Pipedrive CRM - Integration

Our team at Outfunnel recently launched a Contact Form 7 - Pipedrive integration. It syncs over contacts, along with any custom fields and records the form fill on the contact profile.

Further, you can use it to log website visits and source/medium data.