Problem with address parsing and reading (api/export)

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler” - Einstein

One could argue that this is a question/rant for the user forum but as it is a problem for me as a developer that I came upon while migrating external data into Pipedrive via API, so I take the liberty to post it here. I am essentially looking for answers to two questions. Are the problems around address parsing being addressed? Is there any ongoing development regarding more robust address management?

Swedish addresses generaly follow this syntax
Address 1, (Address 2). Zip code, Postal City

Here are some examples and how the parsing of them fails.

*** Kalkstensvägen 2, 22478, Lund ***
Fails to register the postal city Lund

*** box 1015, 22104, Lund ***
Fails to register both the address line (po box) and the zipcode.

*** Granitgatan 2, 25468, Helsingborg ***
The postal city get ignored but ironically its sublocality Dalhem (completely irrelevant in Sweden) get registered.

*** Kulturförvaltning, Box 128, 54222, Mariestad ***
The two address lines are ignored. The postal city get parsed but the zipcode get ignored

*** Noppikoski 131, 794 98, Orsa ***
The street address get parsed as postal city. The actual postal city gets ignored but the zipcode get registered.

*** Hans Jonas Väg 6, 23737, Bjärred ***
Suddenly an address that get parsed correctly!!!

This blows my mind and not in a good way.

The concept of having just one text box for the complete address seem like a great value proposition, I get it.

The problem for us is that Pipedrive does not live in isolation, addresses need to be exchanged between systems. In Pipedrive a Swedish address is just a text string, that fingers crossed is written in a way that can be parsed by a computer. We cannot use the information in a meningful way

I cannot even export/filter on lets say, all customers in a certain postal_city.

I’m sorry that I come a cross as so critical. I absolutely love most aspects of Pipedrive and think it generally smokes the competition except for this. Address management is made so simple that it destroys the information contained in the actual address.