Problems with credentials and API

Hello, guys!

I have a problem with Pipedrive API. After walking though oAuth flow, I’ve get access and refresh tokens, and store them in database. Using access token I can work with my Pipedrive account, after one hour, access token changing (so refresh token working well), but after few hours (half day) I can’t communicate with Pipedrive anymore, and getting this error:

code: 401,
success: false,
message: Invalid client: client is invalid,
error: unauthorized access

After that, I can remove my credentials from the database and walk though oAuth flow again, after that communication working again.

Any thoughts? Thanks

Hi @Sanchoss,

Sorry for the wait, most of us are on vacation for the holidays.

Could you DM me your account’s Company ID and your User ID so I can look into this further?

Hi, Thank you for your reply, but for now the problem is solved.
In some special cases, my backend would not send clientId and clientSecret with refresh_token to Pipedrive servers, but response was not so clear for me, and I would not be able to understand what exactly was wrong.

So, thank you, and have a nice holidays!

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