Product and Order Item taxes -- "null" not "0" response?

Hi there,

We’ve noticed that you’ve added taxes to your line items and products, which is a great addition – thanks for the hard work on that!

We have a small request which will help us understand with more fidelity the PD user’s intent with the taxes. Currently, Pipedrive’s API returns “tax”: 0 even if the PD user set the line items not use tax: . This is problematic, because our PD users could mean “0%” tax, or they could have omitted the tax altogether. We’d like for Paycove to be able to use business logic to apply taxes where == null, but respect the value if it’s set to == 0.

Could your team look into to send a null value for order item taxes if the user sets deal line items to be not taxed?

Thanks in advanced for your consideration!


Hi Rich,

Thanks for bring this to our attention. I’ve asked the team responsible for this endpoint and will update you as soon as I have more info.

Hey @Rich_Hankison,

So, at this time we won’t be supporting return ‘Null’ in cases where it’s empty, but we have marked down your feedback so this may change in the future (just not ETA).