Product API custom field causing breaking change

The Category option on pipedrive product started breaking for us Nov 30th. Category is a single option drop down and we were setting in by setting a matching string in the payload (ie payload[“category”] = “My Category” which is a vlaid string option. Starting nov 30th we got an error saying “body/category must be number, body/category must be null, body/category must match a schema in anyOf”. I dont see any changes in the change log saying they are no longer supporting that field or using the string instead of custom key. Any ideas as to what may have happened

Hello @mitchellb , welcome to the community!

The category field is not a documented one in the public API reference, so we don’t recommend using it. Since it’s not official, it can change without notice.

Thanks for the reply. Yea we were using it via the Label and it seems the behaviour changed being id only. I understand its not in the developers docs so we transitioned to using a custom field, however, it shows as a api field in the deal field settings which the prompt “copy api key” which is a bit misleading imo!