Product webhooks

We have noticed that when we update a product on a Deal, Pipedrive fires 2 calls on the webhook url (1st call having the old state, 2nd call having the new state). Is this expected behavior?
Our webhook is *.deal

Let me ask the team and investigate. :+1:

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Unfortunately yes, this can happen with certain webhooks. At this time just suggest to filter on your end the results you get, until it’s completely resolved from our side.

Hi @David,
thank you for the response.

So double callback is an issue on your side? When should we expect this behavior change?

As for filtering, how can we determine accurately which callback is the current state of the deal?

Hi @David, just wanted to ping you again on this so we can get a clear understanding of this problem

@David pinging you on this to get more clarity.

Hey Ken!

Thanks for your patience, I should replied back much sooner.
Double callback is on our side, yes - unfortunately I don’t know when this behaviour will change.

As for filtering, I guess it would require creating something that supersedes the first change in lieu of the second for this particular webhook.

Hi @David,

I’m having the same issue at a client were we use the trigger.

I need to determine if a dealvalue changed, so every time the webhook triggers I compare the previous & current value. When a dealvalue changes, the webhook triggers 2 times where previous__value != current__value, also the rest of the payload is exactly the same. This only happens at deal value changes, not when other changes are made.

Are you sure this is expected behaviour?

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Hi @Mark

Is this scenario on a Deal with a Product? If not, then this isn’t expected, but if there is a Product, then yes there’s webhook triggers. While this is expected, it isn’t ideal, but unfortunately it’s not a high priority thing to change atm.

Hi @David,

Thanks for your quick respons, this happens only on deals with products indeed.

Although it’s not ideal, it’s clear now :slight_smile:

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